Tuesday, October 25, 2016

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Prohibited Use Locations for EBT Cards

There are some locations where people are prohibited from using their EBT cards.  When they do use their cards at a prohibited location, it creates a lot of work for us, because there are required actions we have to take. 

Federal and State law require the state department to enforce the prohibition of customers accessing benefits at an automated teller machine (ATM) or Point of Sale (POS) machine located in an establishment in which a customer is prohibited from accessing cash benefits.

These locations include:
* Locations licensed to sell malt, vinous, or spirited liquors, including liquor stores, brew pubs, and bars.  This includes convenience stores/gas stations and restaurants that sell full strength alcohol. 
*  Gambling establishments such as casinos, race tracks, and bingo halls.  This includes businesses geared toward children. 
* Adult oriented entertainment including adult video stores, strip clubs and peep shows.

* Stores in which the principle business is the sale of firearms.  

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