Wednesday, November 14, 2018

November is National Adoption Month

Mesa County is observing National Adoption Month by celebrating 3 new adoptions on National Adoption Day November 16 in Judge Robinson's Courtroom 126 North Spruce 3rd Floor.

More than 101,000 children and youth in the U.S. foster care system are awaiting permanent, loving families.  National Adoption Month is an effort to raise awareness about the adoption of children from foster care and to honor those adoptive families who have opened their homes and hearts to become lifelong families for these children.  While over 60% of children in foster care will return to their biological parents, the others will require an alternate permanency outcome if the Court determines they are unable to return home. 

In Mesa County, there are approximately 20 children each year who become available for adoption through the Mesa County Department of Human Services and are in need of a permanent and stable home.  These children are generally over age 7 and may have developmental, medical or other special needs.  They may be part of a sibling group or have ethnically diverse backgrounds.    

“Adoption is a very special process and we are so proud to be a part of helping children find permanent, loving families,” said Kim Espindola, Placement Services Team Supervisor for the Mesa County Department of Human Services.    

The Mesa County Department of Human Services is dedicated to building collaborations among local agencies, courts and advocacy organizations to achieve permanence for children.  This effort offers children the chance to live with stable and loving families and encourage other dedicated individuals to make a powerful difference in the lives of children through adoption.

Lisa and Paul McGinnett will be adopting one child and are willing to speak to the media about their experience. They should be available at 12:30 pm  At noon we will have a staging room available to the media to get photos and interviews. The staging room will be near Judge Robinson’s courtroom on the 3rd floor. Adoptions are closed proceedings; we ask you are sensitive about photographing families without gaining their permission first, even in public areas.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about adoption services provided through the Mesa County Department of Human Services, please contact Kim Espindola at 248-2818. 

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