Monday, October 3, 2016

Child Welfare Hotline Supervisor and her Team Garner State Recognition

Child Welfare Hotline Supervisor and her team are recognized for their outstanding work in Mesa County. 

Too often we do not take the time to recognize the “Great Job” that people do.  I wanted to
take this opportunity to point out a person on your staff whose work ethic, professionalism and dedication is far above other Child Welfare Supervisors we work with on a daily basis.  Jacque Berry’s exemplary performance is not just a beacon of light on a hill, but a true “Light House” who stands above others, brings light and positive energy to every occasion, and has a rock solid foundation of experience and knowledge that she shares.  She continually strives for perfection regarding the operation of the Hotline in Mesa County, but does so in a very constructive and positive manner.  Just one of the most amazing accomplishments that we really admire is her management of the Pending Queue.  In fact, Mesa County is #1 in the state.  When you consider high call volume in Mesa County that is an amazing accomplishment.   We will be featuring her accomplishment in the next Hotline Newsletter as a Hotline Spotlight recipient.  Thank you for helping keep the children of Colorado safer.  
Jack Hilbert
Colorado State Hotline System Manager

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