Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Study Reveals: Rising Costs Associated with Elder Care to Impact Colorado

Colorado is the one of the first states in the Country to create a strategic plan for the aging population.

Colorado’s population over 55 will have a massive impact on nearly every Coloradoan over the next 14 years, according to a new report from the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging.  The group and the study are a result of House Bill 15-1033. The group was commissioned by state lawmakers to research the economic impacts on citizens and state, local budgets. The report also examines transportation planning, workforce training and improving consumer protections for seniors.

Dave Norman Director of the Area Office on Aging AAA serves on the Strategic Action Group. Norman states, “The Group’s recommendations are for open coordinated and collaborative services for the State’s aging population.  This is not a top-down approach, rather solutions from the bottom up to address and provided critical services for one of the largest populations in the State.”

The group’s report was released on Tuesday morning and warns that if action is not taken to prepare there will be huge impacts on the state budget. Health care for the State’s aging population will continue to outpace the projected revenue growth.

A prevailing recommendation of the Group would be the creation of a new high-level position in the executive branch of the state government.  Norman compares the position to a “Czar on Aging for the State of Colorado.”

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