Thursday, December 10, 2015

Crossover Youth Practice Model Yields Recognition

Mesa County- Mesa County’s Crossover Team was recognized by the Convening on Children, Youth and Families. Don Castro, of 21 Judicial Probation received the Excellence in Practice Key to Success Award as the Chair of the Crossover Youth Committee of Mesa County.  This recognizes Mesa County’s focus on community partnerships through preparation, perseverance, and integrity which led to an effective collaboration among the courts, the child welfare agency, attorneys, providers, law enforcement, and child welfare community; while providing for safety, permanency and the well-being of children and families in Mesa County.

Don Castro, of 21 Judicial Probation says the following, “I would agree that there’s been a lot of collaboration between DHS and Probation and would say it’s at an all-time high.”

Jill Calvert, Division Director of Mesa County Child Welfare Services and Judge Valerie Robison are key supporters of the Crossover work and were instrumental in Mesa County being selected by Georgetown University as a site to implement the Crossover Youth Practice Model.

According to Calvert, DHS Child Welfare Division Director, “By working together we are able to serve children at the lowest possible level without duplicating services. This collaboration has been building for several years and the therapies we offer collectively provide the best opportunity for children to be safe and find permanency. ”

The Crossover Implementation Team consists of collaborations with the following community agencies: Probation, Judges, Magistrates, GJPD, Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Justice Services, Mesa County District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, Mesa County Department of Human Services, Division Of Youth Corrections, School District 51, Partners, Mind Springs Health, Hilltop.

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