Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Announcing: (CSBG) Community Service Block Grant Funding

Attention to those interested in the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) funding that Mesa County receives each year. The current award period (2012-2015) is coming to a close and the newly reconstituted Tripartite Advisory Committee, in conjunction with the Mesa County Board of Commissioners, is making plans for the 2015-2018 award period.
Based on an assessment of community needs and the urging of State and Federal level CSBG management teams to move to a long-term strategic focus; the Committee is focusing future CSBG resources on early childhood literacy. Community meetings will be held in March and April of 2015 to discuss ideas for innovative, collaborative proposals to significantly expand early literacy services to children and families who can benefit from them, with a focus on families living in poverty. Once the Committee and Board decide on an action plan for the use of the funds, applications will be solicited. This will likely occur in August of 2015.
Jennifer Shook
Tripartite Advisory Committee, Chair

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